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High-performance storage redefined

Our goal is to help you with the most scalable and easily managed storage there is on the market. Barton offers managed storage, relieving you and your team from the burden of managing a complex storage environment so you can focus on the things that matter to your business. Barton is an innovative software- defined storage solution, offering highly resilient on-premises storage, ready for Microsoft Azure.

Managed Storage

Imagine an effortlessly scalable storage space. That’s what we at Barton can give you – easily scalable, enterprise-grade, on-premises storage that is designed to run on industry-standard Windows servers. Our Managed Storage comes complete with an impressive software and services package that guarantees full availability.

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Storage management for Windows

Our designers have created the simplest, most affordable and dependable management console for your Windows Storage Spaces Direct – Barton Glass. Our software handles all your storage capacity needs with your Storage Spaces systems with ease. Managing storage has become amazingly simple.

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